Release Notes for version 2020-10
  • New HierarchyPath (HPath) plugin for the Unity editor. Right-click any object in the Hierarchy view in Unity, and select "HierarchyPath" and either Relative or Absolute by Name, Tag or both. The output can be found in the Unity console, and can be copy/paste into your test for ease of use.
  • Updated HPath usage. See "Working with HierarchyPath in GameDriver" for additional details.
  • New SetObjectValue command. -New contains(), first() and last() HPath methods.
  • GetObjectPosition now returns all the data required to construct a Transform which contains Position and Rotation, or you can take the string result as a Vector3.
  • Resolved issues with standalone builds not correctly copying GameDriver libraries to the right location. -Resolved issues with Quit on macOS.
  • Resolved inconsistencies in various API methods (WaitForObjectValue, CallMethod, Rotate)
  • Updated communication components for added stability