When the GDIO Agent is present in a scene, GameDriver provides an in-game overlay which displays helpful information such as system time, current mouse position, the network port that the agent is currently listening on, and the number of GameDriver API clients currently connected to the agent.

However, if you find that the default positioning of the overlay is not best suited to your own purposes, or that you'd rather prevent it displaying altogether, you can reconfigure these settings by editing the following line in GDIO/Resources/config/gdio.unity_agent.config.txt in your Unity project.

<infobox enabled="true" x="10.0" y ="10.0" />

The overlay can be enabled or disabled by setting the enabled value to true or false respectively. Additionally, the overlay can be repositioned by changing the x and values, which represent the x and y pixel coordinates of the Unity game window that the overlay will be position at (with coordinates 0, 0 being the top left of the window), centered on the top left of the overlay's frame. Alternatively, instead of providing fixed pixel coordinates you may provide a relative position that represents a percentage of the screen's width and height. The following config file example would place the overlay halfway across both the full width and height of the game window (note the added percentage sign after the floating point values):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<config version="0.2">
    <resolver class="gdio.unity_agent.HierarchyPathObjectResolver" priority="0" />
  <mouseclickhighlight radius="3" frames="15" style="circle" color="1.0,0.0,0.0"/>
  <xrthresholds frames="7" axisthres="0.3" posthres="0.1" rotthres="0.05"/>
  <ongui_events enabled="true" show_mouse="true"/>
  <hierarchypath primaryattribute="tag" />
  <!-- x="10.0%" would place the X coordinate at 10% of the Screen.width in Unity -->
  <infobox enabled="true" x="50.0%" y ="50.0%" />
  <!-- When doing WaitForObjectValue, if comparing strings and the string ends with a U+200B, the unicode point will be ignored in the comparison.  Useful on TMP Input TextField -->
  <unicode><ignoreZeroWidthSpace enabled="true"/></unicode>