This feature is currently in Beta and may be packaged separately in the future.

The GameDriver Remote Explorer allows you to interrogate your Unity or Unreal Engine projects independently from the game editor. The Remote Explorer is compatible with Windows and macOS and can connect to any Unity or Unreal Engine project that is running the GameDriver agent with a valid license, including running on a separate physical device. This will allow you to debug, maintain, and even author tests outside of working in the game engine editor.


The Remote Explorer can be downloaded from along with the agent version required by your project. Installation is as simple as downloading the executable for your given platform and following the prompts.


On the top bar, there are fields for the host and port of the GameDriver Agent you wish to connect to. The default values are and 19734, pointing to an Agent running on your local machine with the default port configured. If your target app runs on another machine or is configured to use a different listening port, change these values accordingly.

Upon clicking the `Connect` button on the top bar, the Explorer will attempt to connect to the Agent and retrieve the object hierarchy of the currently loaded scene.

The left side of the window contains a tree view of the object hierarchy. Objects in the tree can be expanded to view that object's children. A search bar at the top of the hierarchy pane will filter the objects displayed in the tree by their name.

Clicking on an object in the hierarchy will display its properties, methods, and components in the right pane.

At the top of the inspector is a text field displaying the Hierarchy Path of the selected object. When selecting any of the properties, methods, or components belonging to the object in the inspector, this field will change to reference that selected property, method, or component.

Methods and properties can also be selected on an object's components.

Note: When selecting a method, the Hierarchy Path will refer to the object or component it is attached to rather than the method itself.

To provide feedback on the Remote Explorer, please contact or visit our community Slack workspace.