Note (01/10/2024): This feature is in Beta on the Kobiton platform, and is currently limited to Android devices.

Testing Mobile applications built with Unity or Unreal Engine using GameDriver with the Kobiton mobile device platform allows you to scale up testing across multiple devices, operating systems, and device versions quickly, easily, and affordably - reducing the total cost of ownership associated with building and maintaining a device lab infrastructure, while offering many additional benefits. The Kobiton platform is the first to natively support GameDriver test execution, simplifying the setup and integration with your CI/CD pipeline.

In this article, we will discuss the packaging requirements for Unity and Unreal Engine, as well as the setup and execution of tests using the Kobiton platform. For pricing information, please contact

GameDriver Test Configuration

The initial configuration of the test class follows the same general guidelines of the mobile platform being tested. Refer to the corresponding documents for iOS on Unity or Android on Unity for platform-specific examples. Once you have a functioning test and application, you must package up these for upload and execution in the Kobiton platform. Kobiton supports uploading the test along with the test executor, but for these instructions, we will be focusing on using NUnit for test execution.

Test Structure

Tests are executed using the compiled test DLL and associated console-based executor, such as the NUnit.ConsoleRunner package that is available via NuGet. For example, the test might run from the below path:


While the NUnit Console Runner is located here:


The execution command might look like this in a standalone environment with the device plugged in locally (see additional details for Android here and for iOS here) and can be saved to a shell script such as:

# This is intended to run the MobileTennis test using GameDriver

mono ./nunit3-console.exe ../../../MobileTennis_Test\bin\Debug\MobileTennis_Test.dll --testparam:Mode=standalone --testparam:testHost=localhost

Once you have verified you can run your tests locally, head over to the Kobiton Support website for detailed instructions on leveraging the Kobiton platform to scale up your mobile testing!

Click here for instructions on how to Run a GameDriver Test on Kobiton.

Also be sure to check out the webinar with Kobiton and GameDriver, available here.